water damage repair Los Angeles

water damage repair Los Angeles

Call Your Insurance carrier

Different insurance companies manage flooding claims differently. When ever you call to data file a claim, your insurance company will go over any clean-up procedures, specific contractors to use, and other information.


This task really commenced 12 a few months before the flash ton great the village of Penn Yan, New You are able to. In June of 2013, Cleantec received a call for flooding remediation work on a building that was part of The Arc, a non-profit country wide organization in order to communities assist individuals with disabilities, hundreds of kilometers from the topic of this event.

The effort included mitigation and remediation for properties for The Arc chapter in Herkimer, New York. Their day habilitation center and several residence homes in their small town suffered a massive spring flooding event.


One year later, another chapter of the same non-profit organization servicing an even smaller village community suffered the same fortune. On May 13, 2014, a flash flood hidden through the village of Penn Yan, washing away major buildings and highways. Built directly in the path of the avalanche waters rising from the stream was a 21, 000 square-foot facility used for day habilitation and practicing individuals with ailments. Despite the heroic work of the director of facilities and his personnel, sandbagging and pumping could hardly keep up with the rise of the seas and building was in a state of wreck.

A notice delivered in the local television set station suggested that the village was experiencing devastating flash water damage. Cleantec, located 90 a long way away, immediately dispatched responders to the area to support the residents with pump outs and table ups. Mark Lamphear, a senior restoration manager for Cleantec, immediately recalled the similar flooding restoration work he had done the year before, and understood the non-profit organization got a location here as well.

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