water damage Los Angeles

water damage Los Angeles

The next step is very important and will save hassles later. Have some photographs of the damaged areas as facts for your insurance declare. Like any accident, paperwork is critical and give you proof that will put you in the best position possible when settling your claim.

Pursuing these three important steps, go through your things that have been damaged by the water. Sort through any papers, books, photographs and keepsakes and inspect for damage. If they happen to be not valuable and ruined, throw them away. You can make photocopies of all paperwork and then dispose of it. If valuables have recently been damaged, you can put them in a freezer food bag and freeze them until you can check with with a water harm professional to see if they can be preserved.


Next, you’ll want to get out a wet/dry vac and suck up as much of the water as possible from the water damaged areas.


This kind of will likely be especially helpful for carpeted areas, upholstered furniture and even tile or wood flooring surfaces. Continue this process until you have gotten the majority of the water damage cleaned up and there is no water appearing in the vacuum pressure catch basin.


This will have a great deal of time and effort, so have patience and persistent.


This is important to be aware that wood surfaces which may have been damaged by the water are more immediate than carpeted areas. Solid wood is porous and can soak up the water triggering warping and delaminating. It is a good idea to eliminate the water as quickly as possible and then use supporters and a dehumidifier on around these areas first.

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