Musicians Must Invest in their Web Presence

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The internet has taken over every aspect of our lives, including how the economy works. Some musicians feel threatened by this. However, I see WordPress as an opportunity as opposed to a threat.

5 reasons why we need WordPress developers

Just because folks could teach themselves WordPress does not mean they need to. A great deal of individuals need WordPress experts to develop their site. They may require a low cost web design service such as our MySimpleSite and MySimpleStore sites, or a full priced choice.

Firms who have commissioned or developed a custom made web design as opposed to a theme need it converting to WordPress.

Lots of customers need WordPress personalization — modifying topics to reflect their new identity, WordPress plugin development, etc..

Larger companies need a professional WordPress adviser to incorporate WordPress using their existing IT systems and help them get the most out of WordPress.

As WordPress developers, we will need to accept that customers want more and more control over their site. Instead of resenting their input, we should adopt this and work in partnership with our customers.

Our role has become more of a specialized adviser than a conventional ‘webmaster’. We honor the tasks that customers wish to do themselves, and are available to provide expert advice and supply any technical expertise that’s needed.

By being flexible and moving with the times, that is why WordPress developers will be the future of web design.

Re-reading this article 5 decades later in 2017, it is really interesting to see how things have moved on.

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