horse fencing Knoxville TN

horse fencing Knoxville TN

Posts that flank gates require additional care during plumbing and bracing. It is nearly impossible to construct smooth-swinging gates between posts which are out of plumb or misaligned.

With everything aligned, combine concrete and put it around each post, heaping it around 1 in. Wait until the following day so the concrete can set up before you proceed to the next step: building the panels.

Prestain the wood for durability and a clean appearance Make no mistake about it: Staining your weapon will require quite so long as constructing the panels! Stain the wood before cutting and meeting and you will not only get a cleaner look with greater protection but also save hours of staining time. You can coat all of the edges super quickly before the planks are installed.

1 method to speed up the method is to use a roller with a 1/2-in. nap sleeve. Pour a few gallons of stain into a 5-gallon pail and hang a roller display ($3) from the face of the pail to load the stain on the roller. Lay out the planks on sawhorses and pile five or so boards side by side on border to roll several edges at the same time, then flip them over and blot another border. Roll out both of the horizontal sides and roll out any runs. Then set the boards aside on a few long 2x4s to wash. To assist your weapon last rot-free for years, brush blot on the ends and edges of the boards after cutting. That’ll keep water from the grain where most corrosion starts.

It requires a whole lot of stain to cover rough-sawn cedar. Learn about a gallon of high quality latex stain for each 12 ft. of fencing.

Our panels typical 6 ft. high, depending upon the grade. That is high enough for visual privacy but low enough so that you can visit with neighbors throughout the “prison bars” near the top. You can change the height if you desire, but you will need to work out the ideal length of 1×1 and 6×4 panel boards to purchase for cutting efficiency. Likewise, the spacing between the floor and the panels can be shorter or higher depending on your requirements. In our case, we retained the bottom about 3 in. Over the surface of the grass. Make it if you would like to stay micro dogs in (or outside) of your lawn.


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