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To locate your top pages in Google Analytics, visit Behavior ” Website Content ” All Pages.


These are a great starting point for SEO improvements since they are already attracting visitors’ interest.


Let us dive into optimization for direct generation SEO a little more.


Titles and Descriptions


Title length screen varies according to the device, making it more challenging to think of an optimum name length. Be certain that you place your target keyword phrase early in the name, so it is going to show on any device searchers use. For example, here is how search results to the same term look on a desktopcomputer:


Meta descriptions used to be a maximum of 160 characters, but Google has just doubled meta description length, so that you can definitely take some time to describe your content. The more attractive you create your descriptions, the more people are most likely to click.


If you are using a WordPress site, then Yoast SEO is the ideal tool that will assist you address SEO problems with your own content. It includes prompts to help you get descriptions and titles right, in addition to look after other search engine optimization issues.

Page Content


It is important to include your target keywords on your content if you wish to rank for those terms. You can:


Search the content for key words near your target keywords and replace them where it makes sense


Do a complete rewrite, targeting keyword phrases that are new.


To optimize for current search behaviour it is a fantastic idea to include semantic key terms, which are terms associated with the primary search term. You’ll often find these in the bottom of a search results page online.

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