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electrician seo

If you are trying to pinpoint a fantastic subject for your next content bit, do not write one word until you’ve checked said subject with Google Trends.

You don’t need to waste time creating content for falling topics.

By way of instance, based on Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, the expression “fidget spinner” has an average monthly search volume of 900K+.

However, the expression “yoyo” only averages 47K searches each month.

But since then, interest has dropped off hugely–it is now almost nothing.

In actuality, if you look carefully, you will see that “yoyo” has become a more popular term than “fidget spinner.”

3.Using Trending Searches, you’ll find search queries which have seen significant leaps in popularity over the previous 24 hours (at any given place).

But why would you need to do this?

Well, let’s assume that you run a site about actors.

You assess Trending Searches on March 4th, 2018 and watch this:

It seems like the Oscars are trending!

But is not the fact that this subject is trending mean that you are too late already?

Not necessarily.

You can see that March 4th–the day the subject was trending in Google Trends–was not actually the summit; March 5th was the summit.

It dropped off on March 6th.

This isn’t always true, though.

Google Trends does highlight the topic .

By way of instance, the term “mother’s day” did not develop into a trending hunt until March 11th.

In this instance, if you don’t already had Mother’s Day-related content ready in advance, you’d have been too late.

But how do you discover whether a trending word has already peaked?

Well, if it is a term that probably spikes at precisely the exact same time every year, have a look at once the peak occurred annually.

By viewing this historical data, you are able to predict whether interest in a trending subject is very likely to fall or rise.

  1. Use Google Trends information to help plan your articles calendar

If we examine the term on a 5-year period, we can observe that the peak occurs at roughly the same time every year; the start of March.

This is because the Oscars occur every year in March.

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