Chicago waterproofing

Chicago waterproofing

These waterproofing improvements are cheap and can usually be done yourself or with a little help from friends and family.

If you have ever thought about hiring a so-called waterproofing contractor to repair your wet basement, do not. Basement waterproofing contractors may often be rip-off artists who try to frighten homeowners into a costly drainage system when they are usually not needed.

Many years back, one of my home inspection clients tried to fix his leaky basement by phoning in waterproofing contractors. Besides telling him his base will crumble without a waterproofing system, they provided quotes ranging from $7,500 to $20,000. These were outrageous expenditures, even if the machine did have to be set up,which it did not.

Instead, following a review, we could instruct him on how to fix his drainage drainage and easily resolve the wet basement problem for under $500–and he avoided getting the soaking of a life from a waterproofing contractor!

Let us be clear about something — basement waterproofing paint, doesn’t waterproof your basement.

Does not make sense does it?

Consider it like fix-a-flat to your tires. Putting fix-a-flat on your tire doesn’t correct the actual problem (the nail sticking out of it), it simply mitigates a larger problem until you can find the actual cause fixed.

In precisely the exact same way, if you have cracks or improper/insufficient drainage around your basement, using basement waterproofing paint is not going to correct that. Basement waterproofing usually takes a combination of alternatives.

Why am I reading this? What advantage does basement waterproofing paint supply? And what’s the best way to apply it? I am glad you asked…

Vapor Barrier — Many basement waterproofing paint products function as an exceptional vapor barrier. This is the principal advantage of waterproof paint. It will help stop the diffusion of water in your basement.

If your basement is concrete, such as mine, it is quite porous and even if all your ducks are in a row so far as drainage, you may still see quite a lot of minor seepage during heavy rains without it.

Mold/Mildew immunity — Safety: The Joker to your Batman (The severe Heath Ledger type also, not the goofball Jack Nicholson type).

The water has nowhere to go but to sit in your studs or insulating material and form mold. No bueno.

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