black and decker circular saw

black and decker circular saw

This round saw’s design flaws make it inconvenient to use for big projects, but it might make adequate cuts smaller materials.

The Black & Decker CS1015 is a good circular saw that’s lightweight and permits you to create some versatile cuts. However, it is not ranked among the best circular saws in our review because of some significant design oversights like the lack of a spindle lock and bevel stops. The tool is awkward to manage on bigger stuff, but cutting smaller 2x substance is simple.

Just like most sidewinder saws, the CS1015’s blade rests on the right-hand side of this tool, so you forfeit blade visibility for a more balanced layout. Since the saw just weighs 8.6 lbs, it is not difficult to manage for short, rapid cuts. Throughout testing, the blade began to feel bogged down as we ripped through bigger materials, which influenced the tool’s overall performance.

Among the saw’s main drawbacks is that it does not have a spindle lock, which holds the drive shaft in place so that you can get rid of the blade with a single hex key. The CS1015 is the only circular saw we reviewed that does not have this attribute, and its lack is extremely noticeable. To remove the blade, you need to balance the instrument on a flat surface or your lap and utilize a proprietary, pronged instrument and hex key in tandem. Even though it only took a few additional moments to take out the blade compared to the other products we examined, it was a frustrating, tedious procedure. Luckily, both blade removal tools shop on the saw itself.

Circular saws are generally powered by power, but may be powered by a gas engine or a hydraulic motor that allows it to be secured to heavy equipment, eliminating the need for another energy source.

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