A Cat Makes A Happy Home

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If we define intelligence as “the ability to obtain information, keep it, and use it to solve problems,” the cat is obviously the winner of our companion animals. Consider placing an adult cat in an area where he’s never been before and observe how instinctally every nook and cranny is closely analyzed. This need to perform “basic research” as one behaviorist sets it provides the cat with invaluable, even life threatening, information about his environment. In fact, curiosity did not kill the cat, it gave him a reputation for having 9 lives!

We are aware that the ability of cats to explore new surroundings is mythical, but it has also been demonstrated their ability to retain information is superior to that of other domestic animals. Both species have been shown a high number of educated and boxes that food could only be found under the one having a lighted lamp on top. Then to test the creature’s memory, the researchers prevented them from visiting the box for a time period.

The cat’s intellectual ability is emphasized by its capacity to use the data retained to address problems. Cats have the ability to form “learning sets,” a skill once thought to be restricted to primates. By way of instance, cats which were trained to pull boxes on wheels revealed they could combine that skill with their own insight to address new issues. In 1 case, a cat pulled the box to a certain place and utilized it, step-stool style, to reach a desirable reward: a bit of food suspended from the ceiling by a string. The complete area of the cat’s cognitive skills remains largely unknown, but they continue to amaze their owners with their creative skills, nevertheless.


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